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 Welcome to Skinsthetics by BLB, our customizable line by Bèlla Lab Botanicals. Based on our holistic approach, we have combined the highest quality natural and organic ingredients from fruit extracts, plant extracts, and raw botanicals are used to formulate our extraordinary customized facial mask products.

Bèlla Lab Botanicals products are handcrafted in micro-batches to ensure freshness and effectiveness. Our botanical-based line "feeds" your skin the nutritional elements it needs to thrive and nourish your skin.


Why you should customize your face masks?

Have you ever used a facial mask and wondered "Why did I do that; it didn't do anything?" So, was that mask formulated specifically for your skin and any concerns that you may have been experiencing? Your skin isn't like everyone else's, so why use a facial mask formulated for everyone?

Each one of us is unique and an individual. Our skin and bodies are different than one another. That's why, we wanted to make these face mask products that are formulated specifically for you. And, you get to help us do it, giving you total control over your skin care regimen. You shouldn't have to use a one-size-fits-all product when there's a more effective approach available.


So, what makes Skinsthetics by BLB different?

Well, simple you’re the mixologist. For our powdered custom clay masks, we will provide you with your own custom blend, up to 3 add in raw botanicals & an exfoliator. You can also choice to add a liquid hydrosol and/or an oil blend, for added skin benefits, allowing you to be the mixologist right at home. When you order the powder mix we will also add a small spoon, so you get the perfect amount right every single time, seamlessly mix the clay with water or your choice of liquids. By adding different quantities of liquids and/or oil blends, the mask is customizable to suit your personal skin’s needs. And if you prefer to have a pre-made customizable mask instead, you can choose either the Creamy Base or Gel Base and simply boost your mask with your very own custom botanicals.


With our "CUSTOMIZED" facial masks, you select which products and ingredients that best fits your skin needs. When your selections are mixed with our BLB bases and raw botanical extracts, these masks will give you the most effective solutions for your skin needs.  


It's that simple! Make your selections and you can quickly begin to experience the best in customized skin care.
Choice from 3 bases: Clay (powder), Creamy or Gel.
Our clay mask bases are chosen by you with your own add-ins (up to 3 mixins and 1 natural exfoliator).

Our Creamy and Gel masks are all natural premade bases with YOUR own customizable options.

Each Face Make it's blended fresh just for you, use within 30 days.


Our Customized Approach
We're passionate about helping you develop a skincare routine that works best for you! Maybe that's a comprehensive program or a simple cleanse, tone and mask ritual. The choice is yours! With clean, safe, natural products blended from pure raw botanicals, mineral - rich clays and high quality ingredients, you'll look forward to that moment first thing in the morning or just before bedtime, when you get to enjoy your very own customized mask for your self-care routine. Remember... 

"Having a skin care regimen should not be a trend, it's a lifestyle."

- Bèlla Lab Botanicals

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