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Bélla Lab Botanicals is a handcrafted skincare line created with fine quality ingredients. We offer a natural approach to skincare products that are designed to nourish your skin. All of our products are crafted in micro-batches to better preserve the quality and integrity of each ingredient, We only use the finest organic, 100% natural (when possible) herbs, flowers, oils, waters, grains, and clays. Each individual ingredient is carefully chosen for its particular healing and therapeutic values.

We never use harmful ingredients or any other "questionable ingredients" you'll find in just about every other product out there (including a lot of the "natural & organic" labeled products too). Our products are tested only on ourselves, our family and our friends, NEVER on strangers or animals.

Our products are designed to be as gentle, kind, and calming to your skin as possible all while cleansing, nourishing and moisturizing as effectively as possible. 

At Bélla Lab Botanicals we want what everyone out there wants- a clear, clean and healthy skin. We care about the ingredients that go into our products. And we believe everyone deserves to get up each morning, look confidently in the mirror, and love what they see. We want our products that you apply on your skin to not only cleanse or moisturize, but nourish it.

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“I absolutely love and take pride in educating others. I look forward in helping as many people as I possibly can with their skin care concerns. Let’s talk about skincare, ingredients, and beauty... let’s talk skin science!” - Lidia Thomas - Creator and Founder




Founder and Creator, Lidia Thomas, has always been obsessed with makeup and all things skincare since an early age. She began formulating skincare products back in 2013, when she decided to open her own studio, Bèlla Organic Skin by Lidia. That is where she would customize all her facial and body treatments products for her clients using natural kitchen ingredients. But there was something she couldn’t do; she wasn’t able to send those personalized products home with her clients because they would perish quickly. She than realized she wanted to create a skincare line that would not only fit her standards, values and fundamentals. But, a skincare line that possessed the same benefits and results that kitchen ingredients have, but in a cosmetic/scientific way. 


Lidia is a Master Aesthetician/ Certified Makeup Artist/Skin Therapist/ and Organic Cosmetic Science Skincare Formulator in Las Vegas, Nevada and in Salt Lake City, Utah. So, she understands the mechanisms of the skin care and how formulating works. From her passion and education, Bèlla Lab Botanicals was dreamt up in 2016. However, it wasn't until March 2019 when that dream became a reality. Bèlla Lab Botanicals was born from the inspiration of her clients and their needs. She believes in helping others achieve their skin goals with a simple skin care regimen. A skincare line that is handcrafted in micro-batches, clean, non-toxic, stable and safe. Formulated with a blend of organic, naturally derived and wildcrafted ingredients. Bèlla Lab Botanicals now available in small shops and occasionally is invited to have pop ups at local vendor events.

Formulated using a blend of organic, naturally derived, and wildcrafted ingredients, Bèlla Lab Botanicals not only delivers products that are clean and non-toxic, but also stable and safe.

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